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It doesn’t matter what you’ve got if you can’t find it.


Downsize possessions, especially prior to a move
Reconfigure any inefficient space for better purpose
Develop a file system for home or office
Create easy-to-use systems to streamline work and control clutter
Sort and clear an estate
Assist with a move, locally or further afield

“Due to a personal situation, we sold our 3500 square foot house and had to move within a month. I put Stephanie in charge of our whole move and relocation. She was able to visualize suitable items and furnishings to take from our old house to our new house which was considerably smaller, and suggested what items to store, auction and donate to charity. During the entire move/relocation (to a tiny house in Oak Bay), Stephanie was able to help and worked like a trooper, providing many much-needed and helpful suggestions.” Theresa

Working beside you, I help you...

  1. Assess what needs to be accomplished
  2. Set easily attainable goals
  3. Decide what to keep and what to release
  4. Do the hands-on work of dealing with it all
  5. Find homes for all of the possessions you’re letting go of
  6. Organize what's left using simple affordable solutions to simplify your life

Rates include... 

  • Free half-hour consultation to assess your needs and goals
  • Support and encouragement throughout the entire process
  • Connecting you with places that might pay for your no-longer-wanted items!
  • Options for earth-friendly disposal of unwanted goods
  • Transport of goods for donation or recycle
  • Free monthly newsletter (priceless!)
  • A plan to keep you on track, and complimentary follow-up (up to $60 value)
  • Tip sheets for easy uncluttering and organizing

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Professional Organizers in Canada Professional Organizers in Canada Silver Leaf Member

Your Benefits

Reduced stress and anxiety
More space
More time and money
Increased energy and productivity

Please contact Stephanie for rates. Gift Certificates available - request one from family or friends for your birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

Invoices are due on the day of service and payable by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

Cancellation Policy:
A one-hour fee is charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours before an appointment.
A charge of $25 is applied to NSF cheques.


How it works

With a goal to make a potential buyer able to imagine themselves and their possessions living happily in your home, Barbara takes you on a walk-and-talk tour through your house with you, assessing each room for situations that might turn potential buyers away. You take notes as she provides detailed strategies to make your property look as spacious as possible and as attractive as your budget can manage. Ultimately, you will attract a maximum of potential buyers.

This process takes about 2 hours and includes uncluttering suggestions, ideas for reconfiguring the furniture, displaying art, pinpointing items that could be sold, donated or packed in advance to increase space. It might also offer suggestions for painting or minor repairs to add value. You will learn simple tricks to "set the scene" during the viewing period. At the end of your appointment you will receive a list of painters, plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. so you can effortlessly contact further professional assistance.

Get motivated to tackle unclutter-and-organize projects all by yourself. Learn more about Barbara's do-it-yourself eBook, "The Clutter Queen Spills!"

“My pantry was located in the basement – so inconvenient. Barbara identified a hardly used linen closet in the hallway beside the kitchen and in ten minutes flat we’d moved linens into a bedroom drawer and reconfigured the closet into a food pantry to save me steps. Simple sensible thinking to make my life easier!” Carolyn Barter

“By downsizing before my move, my house was tidy and looked larger…so it sold quicker at a higher price. It lowered moving costs and made moving less stressful at both ends.” Lesley K.

Are You Stuck Clutter Queen Home Tips Media FAQS About The Clutter Queen Results Resources Contact the Clutter Queen Clutter Queen Services