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Stephanie Deakin - Professional Organizer Barbara McDonell - Professional Organizer

"The average person wastes one hour a day looking for stuff."
The Wall Street Journal

Because we're all so busy these days, organization is imperative
for survival. Let the Clutter Queens help you
manage your time, stress and mess!

For a decade, Barbara McDonell and Stephanie Deakin served together on the executive of the Vancouver Island Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). As colleagues, they also forged a personal friendship.

After 13 years as sole owner/operator of Clutter Queen Services, Barbara passed her royal crown for the hands-on uncluttering and organizing end of the business to Stephanie. Barbara continues to dispense do-it-yourself advice through her eBook, "The Clutter Queen Spills!" and her free monthly newsletter, “Life Simplified” (see details under “Meet Clutter Queen Barbara” below).

Meet Clutter Queen Stephanie Deakin

Eliminate excess without embarrassment, fear or inertia. YOU are always in charge as Stephanie gently guides you from chaos to calm. She will create easy-to-use management systems that fit your personality and lifestyle, that simplify your life and keep you organized.

Stephanie has accumulated a wide range of organizing experience over the past 25 years, from working with people with special needs to assisting small businesses, working with families, as well as with busy professionals.
Stephanie currently serves as the president of Professional Organizers in Canada, as well as chairing the local chapter. She is a supporter and sponsor of HeroWork, a non-profit organization that does radical renovations for charities.

Client Marjory says: "Many thanks for your professional, friendly help to us as we moved. As Harry aptly said yesterday: "Worth every penny." You brought a lightness to the task. It was fun getting to spend time with you…"

And from Peggy: "Thank you for all your help during the huge task of downsizing and preparing to move. We appreciated your "gentle touch" and friendly manner helping me let go of some of my stuff."

Donna says, about helping her parents downsize for a move into a seniors’ residence: "Mum and dad both often say that you were such a help to mum and so easy to work with. Many thanks from me."

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Meet Clutter Queen Barbara McDonell

Because some people could not afford professional services, Barbara wrote an eBook as a $2.99 US option. "The Clutter Queen Spills!" DIY unclutter-and-organize secrets from a pro - giggles guaranteed! is directed to women and their specific organizing issues. This self-help guide will teach you how to restore order in your home and harmony in your family. Download a FREE Sneak Peek! Click here for more details.

To receive practical uncluttering and organizing ideas, plus clever tricks to simplify your busy life, sign up for a FREE subscription to Barbara's monthly newsletter, “Life Simplified” .

Paul from Texas says: "I always get something useful from your newsletters. What I love about your organizational solutions is that they are so easy to implement that I end up asking myself why I didn't think of them myself!"

D. A. says: “I enjoyed reading your newsletter advice on paying bills. When expecting my second child, I began setting up automatic payments and found that some could be made through our credit card, so it earned us extra reward points as well! With our credit card on automatic payment, overdraft protection saved us on those months when we didn’t have sufficient funds.”

Cat Neilon says: "I look forward to your monthly Clutter Queen mailings. I love all the different information you have - and now I also know a lot of cucumber trivia!"

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